My daughter took me to fairyland


It happens every time we go to the gardens. A beautiful place that seems so magical, how could she resist the urge to enter into a story and become part of a fairyland? “Mommy, can we play together?” Ellie asks. I look down at her, her big blue eyes staring at me full of anticipation, […]

Creating family

Creating Family

Before I became a mom, I was familiar with the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I sat through many baby dedications; I stood and prayed committing myself to help raise the children being presented to God. Every time, after one of these baby dedications, I would also say a prayer of […]

If I could change one thing

Every night as I drag myself to bed and my family is sleeping, I think, “Why can’t I be more disciplined?” Too many nights I go to bed late. Unlike Cinderella, the clock strikes midnight and I am still going, most likely wasting time on-line. There is the catching up on my e-mail, or checking […]