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I’ve worked with a lot of writers who write what they think I want to hear. Ellen’s writing is real. She writes with gritty honesty and an open heart.


Vance Fry

Sr. Associate Editor, Thriving Family


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Ellen Stumbo is one of the most honest and passionate writers I’ve encountered. Her words all at once will tug at your heart and re-instill hope in humanity and compassion. Even when she seems to be writing about herself, she’s really writing about all of us.


Cara Batema

Editor, specialneeds.com


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Ellen uses words to relate every day happenings to biblical truths so parents can make spiritual connections. Her writing springs from her experience as the mother of three daughters, two of whom have special needs. I wish her accessible, encouraging articles and stories had been around when I was a young parent overwhelmed by the demands of raising a child with special needs.

Jolene Philo, author of Different Dream Parenting: A Practical Guide to Raising a Child with Special Needs and A Different Dream for My Child.







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