Let’s be honest, as parents, we develop life hacks to make our life easier.

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Join Erin and me as we discuss life hacks for special needs parents. We did not come up with these on our own, we asked on Facebook and several special needs parents responded, so we are sharing their answers with you.

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Life hacks from the show:

  • Having someone clean my house.
  • Crock pot meals, one pot, easy.
  • Freezer meals.
  • Instant pot.
  • Have someone else make meals for you.
  • Zip on mattress covers (the kind where you only have to wash the top)
  • Footie pajamas with feet cut out and backwards with Velcro on the back.
  • Shower curtains under car-seats.
  • Routine, routine, routine, particularly bed time and morning routine.
  • One size smaller swim shirts as compression vests
  • Weighted blanket.
  • Lycra sheet.
  • Auto ship subscriptions.
  • Grocery pick up.
  • Video chat with friends after kids go to bed.
  • Get together with your best friend and do your weekly shopping list together.
  • Use a onesie to prevent diaper access.
  • Locks!
  • Door and window alarms (there are multi packs at hardware stores if you cannot afford a security system)
  • Camera with motion sensor.
  • Baby gates at the door.
  • Practice putting socks on by using adult socks for success.
  • Using a calendar app on the phone. Or using other organization method.
  • Prepare in advance for the IEP, ask for the draft before the meeting.
  • Keep a support group of special needs mom friends.
  • Practice using feminine products such as pantiliners and pads even before the girls have their periods.
  • Small stool in the car so smaller kids can easily get into the car or car-seat.
  • Buddy tag or Joey tag (affordable GPS and Bluetooth options for kids who elope).
  • Red flag your house with police and fire department so if you ever need to call they will know your situation and send trained people to access your situation.
  • Paper towel rolls in the car and extra plastic bags.

Life Hacks for Special Needs Parents

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