Respite is a break, an alleviation of your perceived burden or your fatigue — stepping away from a stressing situation and being able to recenter yourself.

A woman is sleeping on a gray coush with a blue blanket covering her body and her head, only her feet and one hand are showing.

Join us in this episode as Erin and I interview Andrea Roberts, founder of Reece’s Rainbow and now the force behind, A Mother’s Rest.

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Notes form the show:

Respite means something different for everyone. Some people might need respite more often.

respite energizes you and makes deposits in your emotional bank account.

Respite could be taking a nap, going on  a date, exercising.

The level of your child’s need will impact what respite looks like for you.

Guilt can stop us from getting respite.

Often times for special needs parents the supports are lacking.

There can be long waiting lists for services that provide respite.

Some parents have a chronic need for extra support.

At some point we need to recognize that we matter too, and put ourselves and our needs first, it is not selfish, it can be the most loving thing we cna do for our families.

Self-care is as important as self-sacrifice. ~ Andrea Roberts

A Mother’s Rest was born out of the need to provide a safe place for parents who need rest and find themselves in a  raw and vulnerable place. A Mother’s Rest is a place to find restoration.

The concept of A Mother’s Rest is to create a network of Bed and Breakfasts to host a 4 day retreat where people can go and rest. It is respite and fellowship with other moms who struggle with similar challenges.

Visit A Mother’s Rest Website and follow the Facebook page.

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