Dear tired mom,

You had a long week and a new one begins. You wonder if you have the energy to face a new day. The kids are busy and you didn’t get all the laundry caught up. The dishes are piled high and the dishwasher is full of more dirty dishes. Legos, dollies, and cheerios cover the floors and the kitchen table is sticky. Forget the to-do list.

This mothering… it was supposed to be magical. Parenting was supposed to come with fairy dust and smiles. And it is good, it really is. You love your kids, there are countless beautiful moments that remind you of how blessed you are to raise these precious children you call your own. You wouldn’t trade this job for anything else, this is where your heart is.  But the chores remain, parenting sometimes requires discipline, and at times it is hard to remember that you are not just a mom.

Tired mom, take time to rest. It is time to engage in what gives you life. It is okay.

The laundry will get done, so take a nap.

Your husband will not mind the dirty pile of dishes if you got your groove on doing Zumba. He will appreciate the effort, and you will feel energized.

Turn the music on, blast it! You will need to hear it over the vacuum, and don’t forget to sing to your heart’s content (not advisable if you have small children at home).

Call a friend and go out for coffee…or a chocolate brownie.

Whatever you need to do, whatever gives you life, do it! Your children need you to do it. They need a happy mom, a content mom. One that has energy to face the day, and one that handles the everyday hurdles of life not simply because she has to, but because her desire is to love and serve her family well.

Tired mom, what gives YOU life?

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