Summer can be a difficult time to get focused on writing and blogging. Schedules change, vacations are planned, and so much can happen so quickly. Sometimes, it helps to have a little challenge. So join the writing prompt summer challenge and get writing and blogging with us!

How the writing prompt challenge works:

1. I give you fifteen writing prompts

2. Your challenge is to write at least ten posts from the prompts throughout the summer

Once you have a blog post done, come back here and link it up. Your challenge is to get at least ten of them. Maybe you will get all fifteen of them, but maybe you will only get to two, or five. Either way, come and link up! This is like a writing/blogging summer party and we want to see you!

Your prompts

Why not me

Finding joy

Strength in numbers

My favorite place

When is parenting finished?

A prayer for my child

My pinterest fail

You would never know looking at me…

Three lessons I’ve learned

Does hope really float?

What an oxymoron!

Three blogs I read and why

My favorite quote…ever!

My three favorite books

When I feel down

Rules to play:

1. Once you link up, visit at least the person that linked up before you and leave an encouraging comment.

2. Link back to this post! This is where we are all gathered together, so link back!

And that’s it!

Got your blog posts ready? Great! Start linking up!

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