Online learning, hybrid models, or full-time school. These are the options and choices to navigate as this new school year begins in the midst of a global pandemic. What are we — parents of kids with disabilities — to do?

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One of the hot topics for parents right now is trying to make a choice for their kids this coming school year.

Erin and I had a candid conversation about this topic, take a listen:

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Show notes:

When schools closed in March, many parents found themselves scrambling to keep up with jobs, plus their children’s schooling. Doing that again is not doable for everyone.

Learning styles also come in play here.

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Some parents may have to quit their jobs (if that is possible) to make online learning or hybrid options work. Single parents do not have the privilege of doing so. In such uncertain times, job stability is crucial for many.

Medical concerns are most important, but we also have to consider mental health issues, for children and parents alike. We also have to consider the anxiety that the andemic has caused, and the potential trauma of children having to deal with teachers or classmates getting sick.

There are no good choices, therefore there are no bad choices. Our options seem to be lose-lose. The reality is every parent is making the best choice for their family, weighing in pros and cons of every option.

Whatever choice you make, know that we understand how difficult making this choice was.

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