Would you like me to speak at your church, your women’s group, mom’s group, retreat, or school?

I am equipped to speak on any topic you need me to cover, and have spoken in front of large and small groups over the past 13 years. One of my favorite aspects of speaking to different groups, is the opportunity I have to connect with people from all walks of life and hear their stories.

What you can expect when you hire me to speak:

  • Prompt response to all of your emails and phone calls (including your initial inquiry).
  • Personal consultation over the phone to find out the specific needs of your event.
  • Your event’s promotion on my social media channels (including links to register when applicable).
  • Detailed communication on the specific needs of your event.
  • Customized teaching content that fits with the intention, theme or goal of your event.
  • Professional head shots and media pieces with full publicity rights for your promotion (at no cost to you).
  • Timeliness in my arrival to your event.
  • Professional approach in communicating on stage and interacting with your staff and attendees.

Possible Speaking Topics

I can speak on any topic you need for your event, and I do events for faith-based and non-faith based audiences. Every presentation is tailored to meet your needs.

Frequent presentations:

  • The 5 Stages of Disability Attitudes *
  • Parenting Children With Disabilities *
  • Hope and Encouragement for Special Needs Parents *
  • Taking Care of You (for Special Needs Parents) *
  • Finding Beauty In Your Brokenness
  • What Adoption Costs
  • Disability Awareness Sunday *
  • Church and Disability: What Does the Bible Say About Disability?
  • Including Children With Disabilities In Your Children’s Ministry *
  • Disability Etiquette *
  • Starting a Disability Ministry
  • God’s Goodness
  • Not Alone: The Power of Creating a Vulnerable Community 
  • Disability Matters – Small Group Model: Including Families and Individuals Impacted by Disability Using Your Small Groups

( * most frequently requested)


Living Intentionally

In this hands-on workshop, we will look at organizing the chaos of life, creating routines, planning ahead, and having a realistic plan of action to stop surviving and start living. And we will do this with plenty of laughter!

This is a hands on workshop with practical organizational tools to help you gain a sense of peace in the midst of chaos.

What we cover in this workshop:

  1. Creating a to-do list that works for you. I’m going to teach you a principle that will help you prioritize all those items from your to do list.
  2. Creating routines and charts that work for you, not against you so that when a crisis hits, it is easy to get back on your feet.
  3. Having a plan for dinner the night before. This is also where we talk about freezer meals and having a menu.

This workshop has been so successful that it makes up the first module of my on-line course, “From Surviving to Thriving.”

I heard Ellen speak at a retreat about Living Intentionally. What I loved about what she shared is that it was easy to adapt to fit my family and our needs. Our bedtime routine now consists of 10 minutes in the evening when everyone in the family picks up. My kids and husband love it. We set a timer and race to get our house in shape. I love waking in the morning feeling organized!

Karen White

I Want to Be a Writer, How Do I Get Started?

Writers write. Right? You might not realize this yet, but you’re already a writer. You send emails to friends, you update your Facebook status, you write thank you notes, maybe you keep a journal. But you want to take your writing to the next step, and you wonder how to get started.

In this dynamic workshop we will talk about why we write, why having a blog is important, how to start a blog, finding your writing voice, creating content, why it is important to attend writer’s conferences, and how to start submitting work for publication.

Get the Special Needs Parent Survival Guide

Cover Special Needs Parent Survival Guide

Special Needs Parents, Are You Surviving?

I created a guide with 13 practical ways to help you find peace in the midst of chaos, opt in to make sure you get a copy of this freebie!

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