When it comes to school choices for kids with disabilities, there are several options: full inclusion, self-contained classrooms, schools for kids with disabilities, homeschooling and everything in between.

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Join us on our podcast as Erin and I welcome guest Diane Grover, Founder of the International Down Syndrome Coalition and  Owner of Dreamer’s Merchants Coffee.

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Notes from the show:

There is no right choice, everyone does what is best for their family and child and we have all done different things.

Self-contained classroom is a classroomonly for kids with disabilities.

Full-inclusion, when a child with a disability is in a regular classroom with our without assistance.

In this episode Erin, Diane and I talk about each option of schooling for kids with disabilities and present the pros and cons of each.

In case you are wondering, between Diane, Erin and me, our kids have covered all different schooling options. We talk only from our personal experiences and what worked for us and what didn’t. Why we made the choices we made, and why it is okay to switch gears in order to do what is best for your child.


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