Too quickly you are shedding the words “little.” Loosing baby teeth, growing taller, sitting at the piano with great concentration. Sometimes I look at you and see the face of what you might look like as a teenager.

If time stopped I would hold you tight and breathe you in, memorizing every feature of your face, exactly like it is now.

If time stopped, our daily talks at night would never have to end. I want to hear all about your friends, school, your favorite games, your hopes, dreams, and the things that make you feel nervous or embarrassed. Someday you will care about relationships, I hope we talk about that too, and that what I have to say matters to you.

Yet time never stops. The clock keeps ticking, and days, months, years go by.

I wish time stopped so I could hold on to you a little bit longer, but how often do I miss the special moments because I am too busy? But if I am honest with myself, I know if time stopped I would not live any differently. So instead I need to recognize that time flows, like water, and I need to catch each drop now.

I need to make eye contact and fully engage when you talk to me. Now.

I need to close the screens that compete with you for my attention. Now.

I need to build you up with my words and tell you how you bless my life each day. Now.

I need to ask you questions and help you explore your dreams, hopes, and fears. Now.

I need to hold you,  look at you. Now.

I need to be present. Present in every moment of your life, because time never stops.

My life is richer because of you.


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