The day my daughter was born with Down syndrome I thought our life would be defined by hardships and limitations.

I cried. I questioned God. I thought I did not deserve a broken child.

But then I saw her. Really saw her. Her beauty captivated me. Her act of just “being” changed me. She wasn’t broken, but I was.

In this journey of parenting – now two kids – with special needs, I have discovered I have much to look forward to.

  • I look forward to steps that become more confident and better balanced.
  • I look forward to holding them a little bit longer (something I once feared is something I now look forward to).
  • I look forward to watching them break stereotypes and showing the word their great potential.
  • I look forward to them enrich the lives of those around them.
  • I look forward to them accomplishing those things that doctors and other professionals have claimed “will never” happen (we have already had some of these moments, they are incredible!).
  • I look forward to them continuing to change my heart, they make me a better, stronger, more passionate, more loving person.

What about you, what do you look froward to?

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