When I see you smile I feel love. Strong. Powerful. Pure. So real. Tangible. And I have learned about this love because of you.

It wasn’t always that way. Before you taught me about unconditional love, before I really knew what it meant for you to have Down syndrome, I felt fear. Back then, I didn’t know a smile could mean so much. I had never experienced the kind of love you brought to my life.

When I see you smile, you brighten up my world. Rays of love and joy touch my heart and I smile back.

Once I wondered if you would be beautiful because of your diagnosis of Down syndrome. Now I find few things as beautiful as your smiling face, you captivating eyes, and that love…it’s always that love you bring along.

When I see you smile I thank God he chose me to be your mom. It is an honor, a pleasure, a joy.

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