This is part two of an interview Erin and I did with our friend Main. If you have not listened to the first part. You can find the transcript and show notes HERE.

Child in blue wheelchair doing interpretive dance. She is folded over, her ponytail and arms hanging down.

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Episode outline:

Physical therapy: the difference between how disabled adults see therapy vs how parents of disabled kids see therapy.

How to make choices when the medical community pushes for certain interventions.

Finding the balance on how much to “push” our kids and letting them be gloriously themselves.

What it is like for disabled adults to listen to parents of disabled children talk about caregiving.

Things that contribute to parents of disabled kids and disabled adults to be at odds.

“It’s hard for me to feel a lot of sympathy or empathy when people talk about how hard it is to be a caregiver. Because as a caree I don’t get a lot of sympathy. And there’s no caree support group, where we can go and complain about our caregivers.”

Marin Hann

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