A celebration and a story of brokenness

a story of brokennessSix years ago my second daughter was born with Down syndrome, she challenged what I viewed as perfect, worthy, important, and valuable in life. I had received her as a broken baby, only to quickly recognize that I was the broken one. The treasures I have discovered along the way are not found in strength, performance, eloquence, character or confidence. They are found in brokenness, where beauty is found unexpectedly as a result of God’s love and compassion transforming my life.

Today, I celebrate my daughter’s birthday with immense joy and abundant love.

October is Down syndrome awareness month, so in light of that, and my daughter’s birthday, I invite you to take a few minutes and read through my story. I let you in some dark days in my life,  giving you a glimpse of a broken heart, but I also hope you come to see the transformation that took place, and the great gift I was given when my daughter was born.

(I presented these posts at a writer’s mentoring retreat and was encouraged to work on this and get an ebook out. I am working on it, and now that you know, it will keep me accountable.)

Start here: What if there is something wrong with my baby? (<—link)


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